Misty Mountains

The Albino Cow of 1916

Your eyes look.  Your eyes blink.

Can it really be what you think?

Ah, but it is; it’s the Albino Cow,

how she can bear to see herself

no one knows how.

You see, she was born in 1916,

the farmer thought her coat needed fixing,

so he painted her up like an alley-cat,

but she wasn’t keen on that,

so she licked it all off with her nose…

at least, that is how the story goes.

Persistence in Pain

Persistence, persistence at the pain,

push it harder, and maybe you

shall gain.

Ah!  Do you not revel in it?



Delicious Dejection

in Pain.

Pretending to hate

but secretly love,

the pity and  gifts are in your grasp.

Grasp it in pain

Love it in pain


dying in shame.


A Conversation with a Cat

I once met a very funny cat;

I stopped and asked him:

“What are you at?”

Whereupon he replied,

“I was thinking what I would do,

when my ninth life had died.”

“That is a grave point to ponder,

but wait until to your eighth you wander!”

“No, I will think on it now,

for see, there is yonder cow,

she does with pointed horns await,

for to me her stern displeasure relate.”

“Pray, what have you done to yonder cow,

that she should so wish to ill-use you?

“I tell you, I’ve done nothing to yonder cow;

she is a jealous beast,

but she was too big to be bade to my feast!”

“Besides, she has four stomachs to feed,

and I hear tell of her enormous greed!”

“Yes, so you see I must be thinking now,

of how to out-wit that jealous cow,

but I may not have to think long at all,

for though she be big, she has a bird-brain withall.”

And so I left that funny cat,

that curious cat,

(and marveling very much thereat),

and continued on my boring walk,

though, with something to think of,

not half so boring as before.

Pondering by Fog


As the fog rubs against my study windows,
as it rubs there softly,
I sit and ponder things high, things low, and the pit,
far down below.
The wooden door calls from the outside,
the door opens the mouth of another to tell the
“Do you not know what befell on Second Street?
Did you not hear the people cry, and bleat?”
No.  Actually, I know nothing just now,
only that I ponder things high, things low, and the pit,
far down below.
Before me is a richly bound book,
its word scream to me softly,
“Repent or die.  Repent or die.”
Someone just died on Second Street,
shall death lurk here next on Third?
How strange it is to ponder things high, things low, and the pit,
far down below!
The fog rubs against my study windows,
or is it blood that rubs them now?
“Every knee shall bow.  Every knee shall bow.”
Think of the scorching rain,
“No more pain.  No more pain.”
Which shall it be?  How can I see?
“Trust and obey.  Trust and obey.”
How shall I know?  What do you know?
“Believe and find life.  Believe and find life.”
Here I sit; I ponder things high, where every man goes,
and where I’ll be
when I die.



A Blessing in Parting

Remember this as you journey on,

think of it while the day is long,

our loving Lord is always there,

to help you your troubles bear.


He’ll guide and show you,

the way that’s ever true,

through the darkness of your heart,

He will His tender grace impart.


Look ever to Him along the way,

and He’ll in evil ne’er let you stay,

when morning dawns upon your road,

you will with Him make your abode.


God willing we’ll meet again one day,

I’ll always pray that He’ll with you stay,

ever put your trust in Him,

and never in the prince of darkness grim.


In our Lord place all your faith,

and He’ll forever keep you safe,

behind each gloomy cloud,

comes the sun from it’s shroud.


Would I could walk with you!

But we’ll both share in life anew,

I trust at the end of the age,

we will in eternal life engage.


So hear this blessing from me now,

and remember to whom your knee does bow,

whether we meet on earth or in heaven,

our Lord will watch us here, as in heaven.




The Shire

based on the book, ‘The Lord of the Rings’ by J.R.R. Tolkien

Once Master Baggins was asked by outlandish folk what the Shire be like,

“Well,” he answered, “It is covered in green grasses and flowers,

There are many ways for one to pass the hours;

A fine pipe out of doors, or a quiet walk along the moors.”

“There are birthday parties every week,

One gets more gifts than he can keep,

The inns are full day and night,

And in the elder’s tales all delight.”

“But ah! The food is the best!

Roast mushrooms, berries, and sickle ness*,

A hot breakfast in the morning,

And nothing like that is boring!”

(*a favourite dish of the Shire comprised of

Lettuce, tomatoes, and fresh venison with a mushroom sauce)

“Well, that sounds quite nice!” the stranger replied,

“I never saw that part of the land,

But now I shall try, heart and hand!”



A friend at all times does love,

This is what to us had been told,

By He who made the world of old,

And does in love our lives hold.

With love God has saved us,

And the road to heaven he has paved us,

He’s given us His Holy Word,

And to us great grace has conferred.

He tells us we must love our neighbor as ourselves,

For help in this we must daily pray,

Petitioning the Lord both night and day.



Always strive to tell the truth,

Never from it stand aloof,

With it you will stand,

Heart and hand.

It will establish in you great trust,

For tell the truth you always must,

God’s Word does tell us so,

And to God’s Word we always go.

It is important for us to God’s Word ever go,

For it will tell us all that we must know,

And we trust it always,

For what it says, is so.

So if God’s Word tells us of the truth,

And that with it we will find power’s roof,

Than in it we must surely abide,

For God tell us so,

And what God says,

We’ll never deride!



Patience is a virtue great,

In it there is no hate,

With it there is great power,

In every trying hour.

Patience is anger’s restraint,

With great patience it becomes weak and faint,

How happy will I be,

If my name with patience one will relate!

Let us strive to have love, patience, and truth,

With these we will thrive,

They are given to us through God’s Word,

That should by all be heard.


The Precious

based on the book, ‘The Lord of the Rings’ by J.R.R. Tolkien

Underneath the mountains grim,

Under cold rocks and in caverns dim,

There is a hidden lake and a creature,

Brooding in his relentless hate.

He mutters all day long,

“His Precious,” he said, “was gone!”

“It was stolen by nasty Bagginses,

And we hates him!”

“He came to us long ago,

Lost, lost, he said he was,

But he took it! He took our Precious,

Yes, and off he goes!”

And so he lives,

A vile creature, brought under the bonds of hate,

He feeds on fishes of the lake,

And hides away from all light.

He used to live in a home,

And he would over the fields softly roam,

They say he was of hobbit make,

But he lived near a great lake.

But one day his friend did find,

A ring and he called it “Mine!”

Yet Sméagol under the enchantment grew,

And said to Deagôl “I’ll throttle you!”

And so he did,

Then he ran away,

And hid from the light of day,

He found in the mountains a sultry cave,

And there he lives, day after day.


The Long-Expected Party

based on the book, ‘The Lord of the Rings’ by J.R.R. Tolkien

A grand event was being planned,

Excitement spread throughout the land,

The little hobbits could hardly wait,

For the grand party Bilbo would make.

It was said that the wizard of ancient lore,

Would come to his door,

Gandalf and his fire-works bright,

Would make the brilliant party blaze with light.

Underneath the great old tree,

Hobbits scurried here and there,

Making ready the great night,

In which all would take delight.

At last the day had come!

It had seemed it never could,

Yet now it was here,

And hobbits came from far and near.

Old Master Baggins sat there,

A smile covering his kindly face,

He was liked well by all,

Though was withal,

A rather odd old hobbit.

Then he rose to make a speech,

The hobbits ceased their noise,

The little ones put down their gilded toys,

And prepared to be bored,

With some tale of dragons,

Or an old dwarvish hoard.

Yet the got nothing of the like,

He thanked him for coming that night,

And then there was a flash of light,

And lo! He vanished into the night.

The hobbits sat up and blinked,

The old hobbit was gone,

With a flash of eerie light,

He was gone, into the moonlight.


The Elf Lady

based on the book, ‘The Lord of the Rings’ by J.R.R. Tolkien

In the land of Lorien,

There lives an elven queen,

She is by anyone seldom seen,

She is tall, slender and fair,

And long reaches her golden hair.

She lives amidst the Mallorn trees,

Picks the blooming Elanor,

She is the pictures of grace,

Yet power beams in her face.

An elven ring she possesses,

With it she has saved the elves from many distresses,

It shines with the light of the moon,

It’s silver band is like a polished silver spoon.

Galadriel is her name,

In Middle-Earth she has much fame,

She lived long ago,

And will not very soon go.


Moon Runes

based on the book, ‘The Hobbit’ by J.R.R. Tolkien

Walking through the elven halls,

They followed Master Elrond,

He led them into the night,

And they were left without all light.

The whippoorwill softly sang,

And the elven halls with laughter rang,

But up atop the elven tower,

All was silent in that hour.

“Show me your father’s map,” Elrond said.

Thorin drew it out and placed it in his hand,

He laid it on the stone, and gazed up at the sky.

“What does he do?” said Thorin to Gandalf,

“Wait and see, he will show great things to you.”

Then the clouds began to part,

And a beam of light shot through the dark,

The moon revealed the map’s secret,

The moon runes of Thrain.

Thorin gasped at the sight,

“Only the most secret things would he write,

That they are only seen by bright moonlight!”

“What does it say?” asked Gandalf.

“Stand ye by the grey stone,

When the raven comes to knock,

The last light of the day,

Will reveal the lock,” Elrond replied.

“This is indeed a sight,

I never knew my father wrote by moonlight,

And now you the elven lord,

Have found the key to a dwarf’s hoard.”

So with new strength he was filled,

He felt his victory had been willed,

He now had the key to regain,

His kingdom, his power, and his fame.


The Long Looked For Sight

based on the book, The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien

Grumbling and tired, weary and covered with filthy mire,

They climbed aboard the vessel of Dale,

They had waited long to see their king by all hailed,

Yet now the day seemed as far away as the sun.

Defeat seemed lurking at their feet,

Triumph was a song of long ago,

Only a small tired hobbit did not sing their song of woe.

“Where do you find your courage, Bilbo?” they said,

Do you not see that we are on the path to death?

“Nay,” he replied, “Look ye to the sky, and see that for which you would die.”

And so the clouds parted revealing that long looked for sight,

The Lonely Mountain, a picture of power and might,

One by one the dwarves arose,

And remembered again that they had come to avenge their woes.


The Death of Smaug

based on the book, the Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien

I saw the flame in the rain quenched from fire’s eyes,

The dragon had been slain,

He fell below and did his last breath blow,

His fame had with him died.

The arrow flew straight and true to its mark,

The battle had been won,

Though death had come and fire had sung its evil song,

The Dale will stand again.

Let tales be told of him so bold,

To hobbits, men and elves,

Of how the king at heart stood his ground,

And did the triumph sound.



He poured out His blood,

For the people He did love,

He came to a stable bed,

For His blood to shed.

But Him they cursed,

And all the crowd dispersed,

He drank the bitter wine,

He, who is divine.

He cried out to the Lord above,

Craving for His Father’s love,

But it was taken from him away,

That He might restore the day.

But now He sits on heaven’s throne,

His love on us to condone,

For He loved us alone,

To leave His heavenly home.


The Wave Ruler

As I looked across at the ocean wide,

At the rising of the evening tide,

I see God’s power great,

That has victory o’er all hate.

Do you see the waves up upon the shore?

God will not let them venture further more,

He gives them the command,

And they obey His strong hand.



As the clouds chase across the sky,

So oft I wonder why,

My Lord was sent to die,

For such a wretch as I.

Then I remember His great love,

That He descended from above,

And on the cross did die,

To save us, you and I.


The Great Sperm Whale

Out of the waters fierce and cold,
comes a creature relentless and bold,
and though stayed by death’s strong hand,
this mighty whale beached on sand,
produces awe throughout the land.

Once he roamed the ocean wide,
his dominion in the tide,
he hunted great and small,
and was feared by all.

This creature possessed knowledge of the deep,
diving under where dark things sleep,
he wrestled with the Giant Squid,
and from him all things hid

So the great Sperm Whale on his death bed,
the sandy shores stained in red,
people know his life was long,
but here at last ends his song.


Humpback Whales

In the Arctic waters they swim,
with a splash of tail and fin,
with a gate of bubbles they hem prey in,
the fish are their prize to win.

They travel long and far,
the where the shores of Hawaii are,
diving up and down,
and making friendly sound.

In these great waters Humpbacks sleep,
making playful leaps from the deep,
and we stand watching all the while
as they swim home again in single file.


I fell into Wonderland

I found a deep pool,
on my way home from school,
and looking into it’s mirrors deep,
I found a place that was mine to keep,
and so filled with joy, I could not stand,
I fell head-first into Wonderland.

It was there I saw places fair,
and palaces floating in the air,
I was taken here and there,
by fairies of golden hair.

Then there came a gust of wind,
and around me air spinned,
and then I found I was back,
at the deep pool by the haystack.


Loving Heaven

When I wander through fields of green,
and by none but God be seen,
I think of those great places fair,
where angel’s wings stir the air.

I know that one day I’ll be there,
In my Father’s love and care,
if I trust His word is true,
and tell His love to all of you.


Dancing Girl

There is a dancing girl,
her feet tap and skirts whirl,
she steps about the dancing floor,
and shows what she has in store.

The strings play soft and clear,
a gentleman steps out and draws near,
and dances with his girl held dear,
and she swirls around without fear.


Giant Squid

He is a monster of the deep,
hiding for his realm to keep,
but of the sudden darting out,
he waves his tentacles about.

Giant Squid they name him,
Cephalopod they claim him,
no creature shall shame him,
in his mighty ocean wide.


Little Poem of the Daffodils

Oh the splendor of the hills,
Oh the glory of the Whippoorwills,
as I gaze on with delight,
at ecstasies so bright,
then my heart with joy fills,
and dances with the Daffodils.


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  2. I read all of these poems and they are some the best I’ve ever read.
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    I think these are great poems and other people would love them.

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