Medieval Braided Headband

Originally posted on locksofelegance:
This is a tutorial for a beautiful braided headband with a medieval inspired look. Let’s begin! Step one ~ Part the front section of your hair beginning from behind your ears to the top of your head on both sides, then tie them out of the way for now. Step two…

The Long-Expected Party

The Long-Expected Party based on the book, ‘The Lord of the Rings’ by J.R.R. Tolkien A grand event was being planned, Excitement spread throughout the land, The little hobbits could hardly wait, For the grand party Bilbo would make. It was said that the wizard of ancient lore, Would come to his door, Gandalf and…

Dancing Girl

Dancing Girl There is a dancing girl, her feet tap and skirts whirl, she steps about the dancing floor, and shows what she has in store. The strings play soft and clear, a gentleman steps out and draws near, and dances with his girl held dear, and she swirls around without fear. Elizabeth Baillie

First Snow

First Snow The world is covered in a powdery sheet of white, the sun is hidden, but not it’s light, the earth has been robbed of colour, but newly gifted with beauty. Elizabeth Baillie

The Best Dream

The Best Dream I want to fall asleep again, so that I can see your face, it is the only way to be with you, when we’re both so far, far away. I cannot believe that your memory is the stuff of dreams now, dreams! When I see you for real again, I will be…


A poem about the helpfulness of a journal.


A poem about a persecuted Christian sentenced to be eaten by lions in the infamous Coliseum.

Real Fiction

Real Fiction Romantic stories and hairbreadth escapes, A time when adventure reigned, And only evil ended in pain; How we wish for it! That life of lost tales. Though we know them to be fiction All the more we love them still. Perhaps it is because they are mirrors, Fanciful, exaggerated mirrors Of what we…


A poem about missing my home.