Adventure Braids Hairstyle

It’s super easy, even though it doesn’t necessarily look so!

Comb you hair really well.


Starting at your part, on the side, separate your hair into three strands.


Start Dutch Braiding, pulling hair only from the top side of your braid, then curve the braid under itself, and begin pulling from under the top side the hair that you originally left underneath.


After that, just finish your braid normally, the rest of the way down to the tips of your hair.


Now just repeat on the other side and you’re done!  I hope you like it!

Princess Leia’s Cloud City Hairstyle: Super Easy 5- Minute Tutorial!

This may be one of Leia’s easiest hairstyles.  You can do it in about five minutes.

Step-by-step pictures coming soon!


  1. Pull all of your hair up into a high ponytail

  2. Separate out the top part of the ponytail, and pin it on top of your head, out of the way for now.

  3. Take the remaining, unseparated hair, and split it into two sections.

  4. Braid each section, and fasten them with a small elastic or hair-tie.

  5. To give the effect of thicker hair, pull gently at each strand in the braid, loosening it some.

  6. Pin both braids up with bobby pins, at the base of the ponytail.

  7. Now release the hair you pinned up earlier, and wind it into a ballet bun, pinning at you go.

  8. You’re done!  Enjoy your awesome style!

Elsa’s Coronation Hairstyle

Elsa Hair


Now mine doesn’t look exactly like that, mind you, but I got as close as I could.  My pictures are a bit messy (sorry) but hopefully this tutorial will help you.

Step One:  Brush your hair.


Step Two: Brush all of your hair over to the left side of your head.

Like this:



Step Three:  Now take two strands of hair closest to your face, and twist them until you reach the end of your hair.

Like this:



Step Four:  Now twist this strand into a small bun, oriented to the side of course.

Like this:



Step Five:  All of the hair that is left, take and separate into two sections, and twist it just as you did before.

Step Six:  Wrap the twist that you just made around your previous bun, making it larger.

Like this:


Yay!  You are done!  Hopefully you are able to do it a little neater than I was…


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The Ultimate Old-Fashioned Braid Bun

This hairstyle will work for straight or curly hair.  My hair is naturally straight, but both will work.

Step One:  Brush your hair.

Step Two:  Separate the top part of your hair from the rest, as if you were doing a “part hair in a ponytail”.

Step Three:  Braid the hair that you just separated.  You can do a regular or a fishtail braid, but the pictures below are done with  a regular braid.

Step Four:  After fastening your braid with a hair-tie or elastic, gently pull each of the three sections of the braid to loosen the braid.  This will give     the appearance of thicker hair, and help make the finish product look a lot better.

Step Five:  Wind the braid around in a circle, inserting bobby pins as you go, as if you were doing a regular bun.  When you are finished, it should look like you are doing “part hair in a bun”.

Step Six:  Gather the next section of your hair, right below the bun you just made.  Make sure that it is about equal to your last section (there are going to be three sections total).

Step Seven:  Braid the section you just gathered, and loosen it like explained above.

Step Eight:  Wrap this new braid around your original bun, making it larger.  Bobby pin it as you go.

Step Nine:  Braid your last section of hair, and loosen it.  Wind this around the two circles you made before.

You are done!  Here is what it should look like, though you can always experiment with different things!

I hope you enjoy it!









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