Poems For Friends

Poems For Friends Here begins a series of poems for friends!  Each poem will be listed under the elven alias. (: I hope you enjoy them! For Arannä Llachmîr   Through many years has our friendship held steadfast, like a mighty oaken beam or a tall well-wrought mast. This to is the gift of God,…

Our Lord: A Poem

He is the son of David, the heir of Jesse’s son, He is our mighty Savior, He has now for us come. Yet He will not come in the clouds, nor with Heaven’s trumpets blasting, but to a lowly stable bed, a child, to raise the living and the dead. ~Magi

The End of A Diary: A Poem

As I draw near to the end of this tale; as I read back on all the times I did try, yet fail, and I all the days I did smile, and my heart grew steady, and hale, I see how the hand of the Lord moves, I see how his wonderful plan goes, and…

A Blessing in Parting: A poem

A Blessing in Parting Remember this as you journey on, think of it while the day is long, our loving Lord is always there, to help you your troubles bear. He’ll guide and show you, the way that’s ever true, through the darkness of your heart, He will His tender grace impart. Look ever to…

In the Butterfly World

Our mint plant has been an amazing opportunity for some awesome photography lately.  Every day I’ve been going out to get pictures of all the bees, moths, and butterflies pollinating there, and each time I come back with some very satisfying shots.  I hope you enjoy these Butterfly shots as much as I did! ~Magi

Maryville Photography

Hello Everyone! Recently, my family took a mini-trip up to Maryville, Tennessee, which is about three hours away from us.  I brought back some photography, so I hope you enjoy it!  Maryville is a very neat little town, and I like it a lot. ~Magi

A Detailed Creation

A Detailed Creation About two years ago, I started to be very interested in reptiles and amphibians.  Most people don’t really care for these specimens of nature, after all, they are kind of weird.  Most of my life, I didn’t care for them in the least bit either.  One day, though, I caught a Five-Lined…