I See God Everywhere: My Favourite Works

I feel Your power in the wind, I hear Your voice in the rain, and it is enough to make tremble Satan’s bane. I see Your might in the river, I breath Your love in the air, I can see you and your goodness everywhere. ~I See God Everywhere

In the Butterfly World

Our mint plant has been an amazing opportunity for some awesome photography lately.  Every day I’ve been going out to get pictures of all the bees, moths, and butterflies pollinating there, and each time I come back with some very satisfying shots.  I hope you enjoy these Butterfly shots as much as I did! ~Magi

A Detailed Creation

A Detailed Creation About two years ago, I started to be very interested in reptiles and amphibians.  Most people don’t really care for these specimens of nature, after all, they are kind of weird.  Most of my life, I didn’t care for them in the least bit either.  One day, though, I caught a Five-Lined…